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Dan Mace is a multiple award winning twenty-first-century Director and Filmmaker. He has Directed films across the world from Africa, USA, France,Australia and Wales for brands such as CNN, ROXY, Five Gum, Al Gore and Red Bull.


Dan aims to fill this space with inspiring commercials. As a young director, he aims to align himself with brands that are keen on ‘keeping it real.’ Therefore there are only a few commercials to showcase  as he awaits the briefs that fit his mission.

Short Films/Documentaries

Watch some of Dan’s award winning short films and documentaries such as Gift, which won a silver screen at Cannes 2016 and the internationally acclaimed RØDE Judges award.

Behind The Scenes & Interviews

Dan runs a youtube channel where he uploads vlogs of him Behind the scenes on his missions as he travels across the globe and works as a film director on set. From time to time, he does the occasional interview with news networks and other online influencers. Here’s a looking into what happens on the other side of the lens.

A Youtube channel that has around 71 000 + subscribers and grows by the thousands on a monthly basis.

Dan The Director

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First found behind the camera professionally at sixteen, he has directed documentaries, music videos, commercials and over 50 short films in his career.

At twenty -two he opened his first film production company, If Not Why Not, and successfully completed thirty plus productions. He then served as a film Director at the prolific Cape Town agency, AVA. And six months later started his independant YouTube channel DantheDirector.

He aims to revitalize the social media marketing space through linking local talent with inspirational stories that are sponsored by an ethical brand in a non-invasive manner.

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Want to collaborate or get in touch?

Dan aims to continue telling honest and inspiring stories all around the world and wants to meet every single person that is keen to jump on board either with a concept or production. Or if you’re a brand or agency looking to collaborate with a young and versatile film director, drop your details here and Dan will be in touch.

Shipping address:

306 Warren Heights , Warren Street


Cape Town


Email: dan@danthedirector.co.za

Phone: 072 796 6546


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