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Hi! I’m Dan


Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Dan Mace is a twenty-first-century director and filmmaker. First found behind the camera professionally at sixteen, he has directed documentaries, music videos, commercials, and over 50 short films in his career. At twenty-two he opened his first film production company, If Not Why Not, and successfully completed thirty plus productions. He then served as a Film Director at the prolific Cape Town film and production company, AVA.

And six months later started his independent YouTube channel, DantheDirector. A channel that currently has around 65 thousand subscribers and grows by the thousands on a monthly basis. He has just returned from Cannes Lions where he won two silver screens at the Young Directors awards. Dan is dedicated to tackling the influence of positivity in the life and times of Generation Y.

With a sensitive style, graphic aesthetics and inspirational narratives, he tells stories that showcase the power of perception and challenge the way people interpret life.

“He has just returned from Cannes Lions where he won two silver screens at the Young Directors awards.”

His intimate knowledge of film comes from being the conceptual cornerstone, writer, cinematographer, and editor of each production he has worked on, as he takes strides toward directing a full-length feature film that tackles the beauty and brutality of life.

When he’s not putting his life and limbs on the line behind the camera, he can be found with his toes in the sand at one of Cape Town’s many beaches, doing talks on the art of film, Surfing, or reading about advertising and life behind the silver screen.

Dan has directed films across the world from Africa, France, USA, Australia and Whales for brands such as Red Bull, CNN, TED, WWF, Roxy, Five Gum, and Al Gore.
Recently, he walked away with the internationally acclaimed RØDE Judges Choice Award for his short film, Gift.

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